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ICSP-HYDERABAD is one of the best institute offering complete training for Clinical Trials Programming Using SAS 9. Training is offered by experienced, Qualified and Certified Trainer With Pharma Background.  It’s right time and right place to join to enhance your abilities, and  get in-depth knowledge of Clinical SAS Programming.


3 in One Bundle Course

Clinical SAS Masters Programming Course



Learning & Benefits from our Clinical SAS Training Course:

  • Creating New Data Sets using Data step.
  •  Accessing the data Through Libraries into SAS and Importing data into SAS environment using  INFILE and PROC IMPORT, LIBNAME.
  • Exploring the Data using PROC PRINT, PROC FREQ, PROC MEANS and PROC UNIVARIATE, Filtering The data using WHERE Expression , and by use of conditional statements(IF THEN ELSE,DO LOOPS). Transposing the data using PROC TRANSPOSE.
  • Statistical Analysis of Data using PROC FREQ, PROC MEANS, PROC UNIVARIATE.
  • Generating tables and reports by PROC REPORT, PROC TABULATE And exporting into external environment in different file formats like pdf, excel, power point, csv, html, rtf  etc. Using proc export and ODS.
  • Joining of tables by Concatenation and Merging.
  • Use of Macros for efficient SAS programming, Macro debugging with symbolgen, mprint, mlogic.
  • Use of SQL with SAS in creating, manipulating, and altering, joining the tables.
  • Validation of Data using PROC COMPARE,PROC CONTENTS, Analyzing SAS log.
  • Thorough investigation of SAP(statistical analysis Plan) document.
  • In depth knowledge of clinical Trials, Phases of trials, Process of trial, Randomization process, Structure of Research Organization, ICH guidelines, Ethical committees, GCP.
  • In depth knowledge of clinical Data management Process, CRF designing, Database creation, Updating, Database lock.
  • In depth study of CDISC implementation guides SDTM, and ADAM.  Standardization of data and deriving of  SDTM and ADAM variables using implementation guides.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is SAS?

SAS is a Statistical Analysis Software meant for Analyzing the data. SAS clinical is Clinical trial Programming Using SAS Language.

What are the Pre-requisites for Clinical SAS Training?

Graduates from any background can join Clinical SAS Training Course. Even, candidates from Non -IT background can join.

What are the benefits of Learning Clinical SAS Programming?

SAS is widely used in Data Management, Advance Analytics, Multivariate Analysis, Business Intelligence, Business Finance, Criminal Investigation, Predictive Analysis,  Business Forecasting and Clinical Trials. Hence, there are lot of job opportunities in different fields of study.

What is the course duration?

Duration for full Clinical SAS Training aggregate course is 6 months. But you can also Enroll in individual courses which are equally valuable in the market with duration ranging 45-60 days for each course.

Why to learn Clinical SAS Programming? Is it still helpful in 2021?

With latest and on going development in the field of research. In the present situation of Medical Emergency(COVID-19), the field of research have shown rapid growth creating huge research data which needs to be analyzed through tested, and trust worthy analytical tools to generate meaningful and accurate results. Hence SAS is the most appropriate answer for the above situation. Also, SAS is widely used in clinical sas programming.

Even the the final Data submitted to FDA for approval of drugs is submitted in the form of SAS Transport file. There are lot of scopes of getting jobs in Clinical SAS training in Hyderabad, specially in Pharma industries.

What about Projects or Lab Practical?

It’s not just video recordings there will be  live sessions also, which will help the students to clarify any doubts regarding the SAS Concepts. Live projects are used for intensive practicing which helps in handling ongoing Projects in MNCs.

Can I Pay course Fee in EMIs?

Yes, You can pay in easy installments.

Do You offer job Placement support along with course?

We support in Resume building, Preparing for Interview Question, Mock tests mimicking the real Global SAS Certification Exam.


Syed Nemath Ullah Hussaini

Syed Nemath Ullah Hussaini

SAS Certified Instructor

Clinical SAS Certification