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    What is Base SAS?

    The Basic SAS programming Concepts which includes Accessing, Exploring, Filtering, Preparing, Processing, Analyzing, and Transforming of Data and finally generating output in external file formats.

    steps involved in this process:

    1. Creating New Data Sets using Data step.
    2. Accessing the data Through Libraries  into SAS.
    3. Importing data into SAS environment using INFILE and PROC IMPORT.
    4. Exploring the Data using PROC PRINT, PROC FREQ, PROC MEANS and PROC UNIVARIATE.
    5. Filtering The data using  WHERE Expression and Macro Variables.
    6. Formatting ,Sorting the Data and Removing duplicate rows using Formats and PROC SORT.
    7. Computing New Columns using Numeric, Character and other functions.
    8. Conditional processing of Data using IF-THEN,IF-THEN-ELSE, DO , DO-WHILE, DO-UNTIL loops.
    9. Analyzing and Reporting  the Data using PROC FREQ ,PROC MEANS and PROC REPORT.
    10. Transforming the data using PROC TRANSPOSE.
    11. Exporting the results in differents Formats (Excel,RTF,PDF,CSV)using ODS(Output Delivery System).
Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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