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    What are TLFs and Graphs in SAS?

    Tables, Listings and Figures plays vital role in SAS programming to display the data in a readable format to display the data in the form of Charts and Graphs  which helps in Data Analysis.

    Tables are  created as per SAP(statistical Analysis Plan) document which is prepared to assist SAS programmers to  detail on the scope of planned analyses, population definitions, and methodology on how prospective decisions are to be made for presenting study results.

    Listings are the reports generated in the file formats like rtf,the difference between tables and listings is that listing does not involves any manipulation of data where as tables are derived from source data by applying different SAS procedures such as PROC SORT, PROC FORMAT, PROC TRANSPOSE, and PROC REPORT and transformed into a format as per SAP.

    Graphs are prepared using  procedures such as PROC CHART, PROC PLOT, PROC GCHART, PROC GPLOT,PROC SGPLOT, PROC SGPANEL, PROC SGPIE.

    TLF’s helps in submission of Final document to FDA And sponsors.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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