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    Role of SAS in Clinical Research:

    • SAS is widely used in clinical data analysis in pharmaceutical, biotech and clinical research companies.
    • SAS programmers play an important role in clinical trial data analysis.
    • In addition to doctors and clinicians  as a part of research team,other s include , group conducting data analysis such as statisticians, clinical data managers (CDMs) and SAS programmers.
    • SAS programmers analyze the collected data to generate summary tables, data listing and graphs for statisticians and or clinicians to write study report.
    • SAS also plays a role in protocol development, the randomization process, CRF designing, adverse event reporting etc.
    • Programming  —  Data could be read from variety of sources, and report could be generated many file formats such as rtf, excel, pdf, ppt, csv, html etc.
    • Programmer s with combined skills in the SAS and other standard programming language (PL/sql, COBOL, Assembler or FORTRAN) could accomplish the tasks more quickly with SAS .
    • SAS tools are used to explore clinical outcomes and risk tolerances to improve quality.
    • Data management system –  SAS could be  used to create, alter, update, maintain and secure database through SQL.
    • Other statistical software  can generate their results into SAS datasets for use in the SAS.
    • Research data is submitted to FDA in SAS Transport File format(.xpt)
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